Cloud Services

International Computer Services (ICS) offers cloud services to enable you to use applications, data and software without ever needing to install or store them locally. We provide the best cloud services including Microsoft Office 365, online data backup, hosted servers and cloud integration. We have made it extremely easy for you to buy and use software. You no longer need to understand the complexities associated with the installation of these programs or be worried about maintenance and regular updates. Our cloud services are available to you from any location at any time of the day throughout the week. You no longer have to commit IT resources in your firm to manage these systems. Our cloud services have been designed to help you achieve the best results without the expenses that are typically associated with running these systems.

Microsoft Office 365

Our Microsoft Office 365 service allows you to be competitive in the marketplace by helping your employees to better work, engage each other and interact with the company’s partners and customers. With this service, your business will achieve better agility in addition to improved user experiences. We have the necessary experience to take all your Microsoft Office tasks to the cloud so that you can be part of this leaner and controlled cost-effective model. We have the technical competence to deliver customized solutions for your business. Our approach is centered on the user so that we give you a service that will reduce your operational costs while boosting your output.

Online Data Backup

Online Data Backup

ICS online data backup services allow individuals and businesses backup their data to preserve it and keep it safe. Our personal online data backup plan makes it possible for you to backup those photos and files you cannot afford to lose. This service will help you keep vital work files safe and protect those important digital assets you. We do online data backup for companies regardless of the size. We understand that the data backup requirements of small firms are quite different from those of a big company. That is why we create affordable custom solutions for our clients, to help you automatically backup your sensitive data. Our management tools are easy to use and we can protect your data from unlimited servers and computers. Our security level is top-notch to give you a peace of mind so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Hosted Servers

ICS offers hosted server services to help you achieve the highest possible growth for your business. Our hosted servers are reliable and high-performance. They are designed to make it easy for you to easily and quickly record growth in every part of your business. The setups are usually easy and take less than a minute. We have created several workload-optimized hardware options for you to choose from. Whatever the size of your business, you can be certain that you will find a hosted server service that will fit your needs.

Cloud integration

With our cloud integration service, we can help you configure multiple application programs to easily share your data in the cloud.
Our cloud integration service allows everyone who works in your firm to easily access personal data from anywhere in real time and from any machine. ICS cloud integration guarantees you data integrity by avoiding data silos. With our cloud integration service, you will never worry about data conflicts again. It is also easily scalable so that you will be able to easily expand in the future. Whether the applications you want to integrate are in private or public clouds, we make the process seamless and reduce your dependence on IT.