Concierge Solutions

At International Computing Services (ICS), we are dedicated to providing you with tailor-made solutions for your business. We have a team of highly trained professionals who will help you through whichever process you require help within our wide range of I.T. business solutions. ICS will provide you with the IT expert advice you need to get a return on your investment. Our concierge I.T. services are designed to help bring efficiency to your business operations while lowering the cost of running your business. Instead of getting caught up in trying to learn complex I.T. systems, you can dedicate your time and effort to developing business ideas and strategies as we do everything I.T. related for your business.

Broadband services

Our broadband services give your business an opportunity to soar higher by taking the internet connection hassles away from you. When you leave it to the experts, you give your business the much-needed boost to move forward. ICS can handle broadband needs of a business of any size. We have the experience and the dedication necessary to help startups as well as Fortune 500 companies get their broadband working perfectly. We have unlimited usage packages that can give you access to ultrafast speeds.


At ICS, we are all about Information Technology (I.T.). For many years, we have been helping businesses to set up I.T. systems that can guarantee improved outputs across every computer-related aspect of the business. You can count on ICS to deliver on its promise of the best IT products and services so that you can achieve everything you set out to attain.


Creating an I.T. support department for your business is a challenge for most business owners. Not only do they not know how to create a system that works, but the cost of maintaining an I.T. department is very high. ICS is firm whose goal is to offer I.T. support to businesses, so that they do not have to create an I.T. department in-house. The advantage of this support we offer is that you get the best I.T. experts in the industry to solve your simplest and most complex I.T. challenges at the fraction of the amount you would use if you had to run a department internally.

Hardware and software sales

ICS has been in the computer industry for a long time. We are the experts you should talk to when you want to make hardware and software purchases for your business. We make recommendations of the best hardware and software for you to consider when creating I.T. solutions for businesses in the United States. Our expert advice can save you a lot of money in the long run as you experience increased productivity as a result of using excellent hardware and software.

Hardware Installation

We have a team of qualified personnel ready to help you with hardware installation to get you ready for business. Whichever project you are undertaking, we can get our expert team to smoothly install all the software and hardware you need to get started. We have both the expertise and the resources needed to send a technician to wherever you are in the United States to do a flawless hardware installation for you. ICS makes sure that your firm’s daily activities continue normally even during the hardware installation process. You can contact us to do hardware installations even during the weekends and in the after-hours, whichever you find convenient.

Employee support

When your employees fail to get their queries responded to in time, their productivity slumps and your business profits follow suit. To keep your business afloat, it is important that you create a system for responding to the needs of your employees at the workplace. ICS helps businesses to service these employee needs. Our support service for employees is designed around the on-demand queries that employees make as they work towards offering better products and services for your customers. ICS employee support can be customized to meet the exact needs your employees have so that your business can achieve the targets you have set for it.

Remote support

A business that does not have remote support for its customers is usually a big turnoff to potential buyers of its products and services. Remote support is a psychological way of telling potential customers that you have utmost confidence in the products and services that you provide and that you do not shy away from responding to any query that may arise from any purchase. ICS helps businesses with remote support for their customers so that they can rest easy knowing there is a team of experts standing by just in case they need some clarification on the product or service they have bought. At ICS, we create bespoke remote support solutions for businesses so that they can respond adequately to the problems and challenges of their customers. Our remote services can your customers to troubleshoot internet connectivity issues, find out where the problem is in their hardware installations, taking them through the challenging parts of software installations and giving helpdesk support.

Network cabling

We are the experts for all your business network cabling needs. We have the resources and the know-how to set up your entire network cabling so that you can get your business moving forward. Our highly trained personnel will get your network infrastructure up and running in a short period of time. ICS network cabling includes installing network interface cards, routers, firewalls, switches and servers. If you need on-location cabling, we will send our I.T. services experts to you so that your business can begin to enjoy every opportunity that network cabling can bring. Our LAN and WAN support solutions will help your business take advantage of the latest technologies for improved productivity. ICS has the certifications that serve as a reminder that we have what it takes to deliver on every one of our

promises. Talk to us today and let us set up for your modems, multiplexers, switches, DSU/CSUs, firewalls and hubs in line with your business objectives. All our network cabling comes from leading and respected manufacturers.

VoIP service

Your business brand can face serious criticism if its phone systems are often down or display dismal performance. At ICS, we install
and configure VoIP systems for businesses across the United States. Our goal is to see your business phone systems perform optimally. For years, our VoIP experts have helped businesses with installation as well as configuration so that you can start to talk to your suppliers, your creditors and your customers. You can speak to use to create a bespoke hosted VoIP plan that would be ideal for the unique needs of your business. We can also set up for you a virtual call center.

I.T. and network project planning, design, installation and configuration

Many businesses find I.T. and network planning hard to do. It is also often expensive to maintain an I.T. department with the best minds in the industry. That is why it is a good idea to outsource the expertise. From project planning to design, installation and configuration, International Computing Services has everything it takes to get the work done. ICS has the experts to help you through your business I.T. and network planning so that everything can fall into place perfectly. A good I.T. system needs proper planning before implementation. We can help you analyze your business needs and make recommendations.

International Computing Services has talented IT and network designers who can help you create the best I.T. system that gives you excellent results. Our designers will sit with you to draft your vision and then make various suggestions and expert advice to give your I.T. system the edge it needs to compete in the ever-changing technological landscape. We have provided I.T. and network system design services for many businesses around the country. Before you decide on your business I.T. and network system, sit down with us and let us discuss how to make it stand out from anything that is already out there.

And when we are done with planning and design, we will help you install and configure it to serve your employees as well as your customers in the most effective way possible. We will also keep tabs on the system long after installation and configuration to identify bugs in the system and create bespoke solutions to deal with them.