Multiple Sites

Managing a business with multiple sites is easy if you contact International Computer Services (ICS) for help. We offer ideal solutions for companies that have more than one site that needs to be managed. Instead of setting aside the limited resources of your business to try managing the sites, you can now get everything done by our experts at a fraction of the cost. We have some of the most innovative multi-site solutions that give you and your employees unrivaled flexibility and improved performance.

Our solutions will make it possible for members of your staff to work in a unified way as if they were operating from a single location. Our solutions will help you to share data, applications and documents seamlessly. We make sure the multiplicity of sites in your business does not hinder growth as those who work in your business try to navigate the many emails, accounts and customer records. Our service for business with multiple sites includes unified communications, VPN support, unified data sharing, remote desktop, remote IT support service, multiple site routing and managed servers.

Unified communications

ICS can help your business to secure a unified communications certificate. By using just one of these certificates, you can secure both internal names of the network as well as the external names of the domain. Developed to be used primarily with Microsoft Exchange 2007, this unified communications (UC) certificate is a perfect way of saving money. Even in situations where you are neither using MS Office Communications Server 2007 nor MS Exchange Server 2007, using this one certificate ICS can easily secure several domain names or sub-domains on your behalf. This, in turn simplifies those situations that would have demanded several IP addresses. You will use just one IP address for one certificate regardless of the number of domains and sub-domains that the single certificate has secured.

VPN Support

Businesses that have multiple sites have to constantly share data. This data sharing needs to happen fast and in a secure environment. To accomplish this, a business needs a Virtual Private Network (VPN). ICS offers VPN support that helps businesses with multiple sites to communicate securely and share data safely and quickly. Our VPN support helps businesses to quickly connect in a cost effective way. Whether your business is a small start up or a fast growing enterprise, we have a VPN support solution that will meet your particular needs. Our VPN support guarantees you of security because we use the latest security measures for continued and uncompromised safety of your communications and data exchanges. We offer security and firmware updates so that your LANs and servers stay protected every minute of every day. In case you need to add new users remotely, our VPN support service allows this to happen smoothly so that your business keeps making progress regardless of where you or anyone else in your business is anywhere around the world.

Unified data sharing

Our unified data sharing service for businesses with multiple sites allows businesses to share information across their various sites in a secure environment. ICS offers fast and secure data sharing

across multiple sites in a state-of-the-art security environment. By using our unified data service across various business platforms, your employees will retain situational awareness in various sites and locations. Our unified data sharing uses a synchronized system where all your business data goes to a server whose primary function is to store the unified data. You also get to choose the level of security you would want for your business. Our unified data service will help your staff to process and share data easy on a large scale. And accessing the data is simplified so that your business continues to run smoothly across the multiple sites. Our unified data sharing efficient and transparent and access is available remotely.

Remote desktop

This service is available for businesses with multiple sites, allowing them to centralize their customer information and get access to the information remotely. Using our remote desktop service, you will be able to remotely share connections with other members of staff in your business despite of their location anywhere in the world. You will also enjoy secure credentials and password storage. This way, your business will enjoy increased security and reduce the number of help calls it receives regarding credentials and passwords. Our remote desktop management will also help your team stay up to date with what is going on in the company. Keeping up with a constantly changing business landscape is a must for businesses. The ICS’ remote desktop service helps businesses with multiple sites keep up by ensuring every team member is always in sync with the rest of the team across the various sites.

Remote IT support service

Every time a customer decides to buy a certain product or service, he considers, among other things, if the technical support will be available in case he needs it. This is especially so when people want to buy computer software. Knowing that the technical support team is on standby and ready to help allows the customer to buy the product or service with a peace of mind. That is why today’s business owners have realized the need to have a functional IT support system to help their customers with the challenges they face as they use their products and services. At ICS, we offer remote IT services for businesses with multiple sites. We can help your business solve the problems its customers will present. Some of the remote IT support services we offer include resolving computer hardware issues, troubleshooting problems related to internet services, providing help for problems with computer software, providing helpdesk support for potential and existing customers and providing assistance with warranty-related enquiries.

Multiple site routing

ICS multiple site routing services allow you to use the address space of your original URL to create a number of websites. For instance, if you had your site installed at, then we can help you setup multiple websites and pages using other arbitrary addresses that connect to your original URL. You could have domains like; o o o

Our multiple site service will help you create an unlimited number of sites using different domain and sub-domain names. For instance, we could set up multiple sites using, etc.

Managed servers

ICS is dedicated to offering the best managed server infrastructure to ensure that your business with multiple sites runs smoothly and efficiently. ICS managed servers offer flexible infrastructure as well as a network of high capacity so that your business can generate the revenue that aligns with the hard work you have put in. Our managed servers also allow uninterrupted communication with your clients to ensure their needs and queries are responded to in a timely fashion. We have state-of-the-art security systems that can be tailor-made for your business. We offer you top network infrastructure and guarantee superior connectivity. Our managed servers support a wide range of applications, making sure that you achieve and exceed whatever your business goals you have set up.