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  • IT Support

  • On-Site & Remote Support

  • BDR - Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • AI Integration

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber Security

  • Email Security & Continuity

  • IT Planning & Development

  • VOIP

  • Paper Free/Less Offices

  • Internet and Switching Installation and Support

  • Patch Management

  • Video Surveylence & Security

  • Cloud Migration

Cyber Security
The Synergy

Cloud computing and IT support are intrinsically linked. As businesses migrate to the cloud, the demand for IT professionals proficient in cloud-based solutions has surged. IT support ensures that the transition to the cloud is smooth, secure, and efficient. Moreover, as cloud services become more complex, the role of IT support in managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing these services becomes even more crucial.



In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, cloud computing offers the promise of accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. However, realizing this would be impossible without the dedicated efforts of IT support. Together, they are the foundation of modern digital operations, driving innovation and efficiency. As businesses and individuals continue to embrace the digital revolution, the collaboration between cloud computing and IT support play a pivotal role in shaping the future.


Cyber Security

Who We Are

Assess an organization’s current IT infrastructure and identify areas that require improvement or optimization.

Serves strategic partners, empowering organizations with the technology, expertise, and support they need to optimize their IT infrastracture, enhance productivity, protect their digital assets, and drive growth in an increasing digital world. 

Services We Offer

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Cloud Computing

ICS is the foundation for your global infrastructure, applications and business. Protect your website, application, and server against complex DDoS attacks.

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Remote Location Services

We understand the challenges that businesses and individuals face when it comes to troubleshooting technical issues..

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IT-System Solutions

We understand the critical role that a fast and stable internet connection plays in today’s digital world.

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Paper free office

Our paper-free office solutions empower organizations to streamline processes, boost productivity.

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We understand the significance of efficient and cost-effective communication systems for modern businesses.

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BDR Solutions

We offer cutting-edge BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solutions designed to protect your valuable data, ensure business continuity.

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Meet The Team

  • Pete Wiseman

    IT Architect
  • Bruce Kurkowski

    IT Support Services
  • Haziel Asignar

    Customer Relations and Administrative Support
  • Isaac Minaya

    Office administration and customer relations.
  • Maricon Bedonia

  • Arman Davtyan

    Low voltage, fiber, internet, and the security aspects of the IT industry
  • Kevin Lynch

  • Robert Sandoval

    IT Technician and Customer Support
  • Terry Richardson

    Office365, Licensing, Cloud Migration and Deployment
  • Todd Schamberger

    Cybersecurity, Lead Cloud Engineer


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