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The culture of curating knowledge for a specific interest group is still popular in both offline and online media — be it via a Sunday magazine of a newspaper or Brain Picking’s free Sunday edition.

One thing common between both newspapers and newsletters is that it helps you tune into your day’s work. It triggers the mind with fresh ideas plus, the act of reading helps set your focus.

As working professionals in the data universe, our work demands us to not just stay aware of what’s happening in the ecosystem but also keep adding new tools and techniques to our knowledge base.

Besides, it’s not just the invention of cutting-edge technology in AI that intrigues us but the applications in business and lives of humans, agreed?

So, where does one find such information on a regular basis? 🤔

Especially now — the age of information overload? Well, that’s where newsletters come to our rescue!

Subscribing to a data science newsletter delivering curated information right to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis is a great starting point. To narrow down your search, here’s a list of top 10 newsletters to follow.