On-Site Support

International Computing Services (ICS) has skilled technicians on standby to help you make the most of your investment. Through our on-site service, we support you towards achieving greater productivity. Our on-site services include hardware installation, network infrastructure, WAN and LAN support, VoIP installation and configuration and employee support.

Hardware Installation

We have a team of qualified personnel ready to help you with hardware installation to get you ready for business. Whichever project you are undertaking, we can get our expert team to smoothly install all the software and hardware you need to get started. We have both the expertise and the resources needed to send a technician to wherever you are in the United States to do a flawless hardware installation for you. ICS makes sure that your firm’s daily activities continue normally even during the hardware installation process. You can contact us to do hardware installations even during the weekends and in the after-hours, whichever you find convenient.

Network Infrastructure

ICS provides rapid, mass set up of network infrastructure to many installations. We have the experts to deliver on our promise of excellence in the network infrastructure management and implementation. Whatever design aspect you need our help with, we have the resources and the technique competence needed to do an excellent job. Our network infrastructure services include firewalls, servers, routers, switches, and network interface cards. We also do all types of physical cabling as well as set up any wireless system that is needed to connect the network infrastructure together. We can also analyze the state of your network infrastructure and advice you on what you should do to improve the productivity of your business.

WAN and LAN support

ICS has an all-inclusive set of LAN/WAN solutions that will address every aspect of your network life cycle. This includes operation, integration and continuing management of the network. We have many years of experience that gives us a special set of eyes to see right through your network challenges and provide the perfect support solution for the particular needs of your business. Our certifications are our guarantee to you that we will competently deliver on our promise of excellent, comprehensive services that cover a wide range of the latest LAN/WAN products and technologies. All the LAN/WAN products and technologies we use, including modems, firewalls, routers, multiplexers, DSU/CSUs, hubs and switches are from leading manufacturers.

VoIP Installation and Configuration

ICS VoIP installation and configuration guarantees that your phone systems are performing optimally. We have a certified technical team to help you with the installation and the configuration of your VoIP wherever your business is located anywhere in the United States. Once you have made your hardware selection, our team of technicians will come to your premises and install as well as configure your VoIP.

We ensure that the VoIP installed in your premises is customized to your particular business needs for better productivity.

Employee Support

International Computing Services helps organizations service the needs of their employees. Our employee support service is designed to address the on-demand needs that your employees have to help them scale up their productivity for better customer satisfaction and towards recording progress towards achieving your company’s goals.