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IT support professionals California

Partner With ICS

Expand your business, improve your client experience and enhance your productivity, today.
Leverage the #1 cloud hosting solution for accounting to your benefit, as well as to your clients’ and friends’.

Our 20-year history of partnering with accounting firms, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, small businesses, and application software providers has allowed customers and companies that serve and support the accounting profession to leverage Ics’ capabilities at their company.

Achieve Greatness With a ICS’ Partnership

Working with Ics allows partners to offer services to their customers while reducing the complexities and associated costs of providing these capabilities independently.

Ultimately, a partnership with us means better service, lower costs, higher profits and an improved reputation as a trusted advisor.

Find out the immeasurable value a partnership with Ics can achieve for your business by getting in touch today.

Bring new services to market quickly; improve client experience

Reduce the costs and complexities associated with creating new offers

Leverage 20+ years of ICS’ partnerships with other accounting firms, small businesses, and software providers

Lay the groundwork for growth, increase cashflow, and boost profitability

Join us! It will only take a minute

Our Partners

Accounting, Tax and Bookkeeping Firms

Provide clients with ICS’ hosting package options and realize the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud immediately.

Select from more than 250+ additional vertical-specific apps to host alongside QuickBooks and make their lives, and yours, even easier.

Manage clients’ accounts and payments yourself or leave that to us. Either way, ICS can help increase the value your firm provides.

Accounting Firms

IT Planning & Development California

QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Provide clients the opportunity to transform the desktop software they prefer into hosted applications, and leverage the benefits only the #1 QuickBooks Desktop cloud hosting solution can provide.
Select from more than 250+ additional apps, software and tools to host alongside QuickBooks and benefit from anytime, any-device access, bank-level security and more.

Accounting Cloud Solutions

IT network support services

Application and Software Providers

Software and application companies providing business applications and QuickBooks add-ons can partner with ICS to drive enhanced value in a multitude of ways.

Work with us to get your software, app or tool hosted and see how the leading cloud hosting solution will be a benefit to your customers—and to your bottom line.

Application Directory

California IT Planning

Small Businesses

Share the benefits of cloud hosting—and earn some money in the process—with the ICS Customer Advocates Program.

Unlock discounts, earn cash, and start saving money by referring QuickBooks cloud hosting packages to friends, colleagues, and other businesses.
With more than 250+ additional vertical-specific apps to host alongside QuickBooks, nearly any type of business is a great fit for the cloud.

Small Businesses

IT Planning & Development California

The Benefits of Partnering With ICS


Enhance Your Client Value

Your partnership with ICS can increase your revenues, enhance your client experience, improve your productivity and continue cementing your position as a trusted advisor.


Expand Your Revenue Sources

With the support of the ICS’ team, you can create new service offers quickly, which opens the door to new clients and customers.

Leading Partners

Create a Win-Win Business Opportunity

Achieve lucrative rewards for clients you bring to us and save money for them through your referral. As your business grows with us, so will your rewards.


Support Tools to Ensure Your Success

ICS will ensure your partnership is successful. Get access to our library of educational marketing materials, including success stories, eBooks, email scripts and more.

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Have questions? We are here to help.

Discover how easy it is to migrate your business to the cloud with ICS. ICS is powered by our HyperRight® hosting technology.