The health and vitality of your business depend on consistently maximizing results from the investments you make in people processes and systems. To stay in control of your company’s data footprint, you need to have a long-term sustainable data protection strategy. One that enables you to backup, recover, and store anywhere, anytime, without wasting company resources. Our data protection solutions cover almost every device used in business today, including servers, desktops, wireless tablets, and smartphones both Wi-Fi and cellular.


Your data is backed up automatically, and in the event of data loss due to human error, malware, or natural disaster your employees with proper credentials can recover it easily.


CLOUD CONTINUITY FOR PCs provides you with a new level of protection to eliminate data loss and help get your employees back up and running quickly in the event of a lost or stolen PC or any other disaster.


Do you know one of 10 cooperate laptops will be lost or stolen over their three years of lifetime. 140,000 hard drives fail in the United States each week. Your employees are critical to daily operational loss, or failure to their PCs can mean lost business, loss of critical data and work stoppage. However, without data clout continuity, you have the confidence that you will recover the data and get your employees back to the business without skipping a beat exactly as they were before.


Cloud continuity is a comprehensive solution for desktops and laptops. It provides automated backup of your employee’s PCs directly to the data cloud. So regardless of where your employees travel and work, their PCs are being protected. 



Files of Folder accidentally lost or deleted?


Cloud continuity provides easy restore directly to your employees Pc. Cloud Continuity uses Image-based backup technology. This means it provides several layers of protection to ensure your employees will get back to the business quickly and easily.


Not only does cloud continuity stores files and folders but also all their applications and original system configuration.