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Our High Availability Solutions keep your business secure and running.

Computers and networks that run efficiently and are healthy keep your employees happy and productive.

Virus, spyware and hardware problems can cause major issues with day to day business production. Data corruption and deletion can be a reflection of unprotected and infected computers and computer systems, that’s why ICS offers the best, and most trusted anti-virus, penetration, and protection for your systems. Besides virus protection and support, email filtering, before potential harm enters your office, is the ICS philosophy and solution.

Our certified professionals provide unparalleled system security and support at cost-effective prices.

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Features and Scope of Service
• 24/7 support
• Defense against hackers, viruses, scammers, and cyber criminals
• Employee training classes
• Virus detection and removal
• High Availbility Solutions and restoration of corrupted files/data
• Hardware and software installation and maintenance
• Enhanced system performance and speed

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