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Virus, spyware and hardware problems can cause major issues with day to day business production. Data corruption and deletion can be a reflection of unprotected and infected computers and computer systems, that’s why ICS offers the best, and most trusted anti-virus, penetration, and protection for your systems. Besides virus protection and support, email filtering, before potential harm enters your office, is the ICS philosophy and solution.

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While Information Assurance assures all information in all forms of media, Cybersecurity is focused on the protection of information in the cyber domain. This effectively makes Cybersecurity a subset of Information Assurance in most applications.

Security must be considered throughout the entire product lifecycle in order to maximize the protection of a system. As an example, developing fault tolerant application level security solutions deployed on a device that does not boot securely, is like building a mansion on a foundation of sand. As can be seen from the pyramid, AMD and their customers have a shared responsibility to ensure the security of a system. It is also important to recognize that no system is completely immune to attack – with enough time, energy, resources and money, any system can be compromised. 

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